Alcen, reference in energy sector with “Connaissance des Energies”

For the past ten years, energy has made headlines and has been the subject of debate and controversy at any levels of society. These speeches, by various actors, are not always guided by rational reasoning. Often, they are motivated by personal interests, fears, electoral or ideological motives. This challenge of the legibility of energy information is important, whereas rational and scientific discourse now occupies a very limited place on the Internet.
For Alcen, a French high-tech group specializing in energy, defense, aeronautics and medical equipment, these energy issues are crucial because they constitute its core business. The creation of the site “Connaissance des Energies” (“Knowledge of Energies”) is an initiative intended to position itself as a reference source on the web in the field of energy. Above all, the challenge is to build a credible and legitimate Internet space of knowledge while being attractive and accessible.

This case is abstracted from Spin Partners study called “Deploy an effective and adapted online influence strategy”, published by Les Echos Etudes in 2013.

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