Lobbying Competition: call for projects, 2016 edition

The Lobbying Competition, organized by Spin Partners, enables since 2001 companies and organizations to submit real lobbying issues to Master’s students.

Concours du LobbyingLobbying in 2016 : diversity of approaches

Online consultation, open data, citizen expertise… the way political decisions are taken are evolving. Those changes are received with pragmatism by Member of Parliament, as Arnaud Leroy (Social MP and sponsor of 2015 edition of the Lobbying competition): we have to “collaborate, coprepare and codecide” with different stakeholders. Thus, information sharing and the meeting of different points of view became essential to generate synthesis welcomed by as many people as possible.

In this perspective, the Lobbying Competition contributes to develop responsible practices of communication between elected representatives and interest groups. Thus, for economic operators (companies, federations etc.) and societal stakeholders (associations, NGOs, unions, etc.) it constitutes an opportunity to make lobbying more ethical and more visible with political leaders and civil society. It’s also a way to inform the younger generation about this activity.

Five Master’s – One committee of experts – One award ceremony
In practice, five Master’s (Institute for Political Studies, Universities, Business Schools) are brought to face real partner organizations’ issues during three months (from January to April). Their project analysis and proposals are then evaluated by a committee of experts (in May).

Finally, an award ceremony is held in early July to reward the best students and let the partners speak about the project. Parliamentarians, lobbying experts and journalists will attend the ceremony.

2016 call for projects

Interested organizations are called to contact us before 15th November 2015, to become partner of this new Lobbying Competition edition.

Contact and information :
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