Lobbying Competition : Sciences Po Grenoble winner of the 2014 edition

The 24th of June, the award ceremony of the 2014 Lobbying Competition, organised by Spin Partners, rewarded the best students and participating Master’s in this edition, at la Maison de la recherche (Paris).

The first price had been attributed to Sciences Po Grenoble. A three-months competition of which Sciences Po Bordeaux, Sciences Po Paris, The School of Economic Warfare (Ecole de Guerre Economique) and the University of Paris Ouest Nanterre-La Defense also competed.

As an introduction to the ceremony, Catherine Morin-Desailly, patron of the competition and Senator of Seine Maritime, underlined the growing acceptance by the public that lobbying is a legitimate method to participate. On his side, Dominique Brunin (General Representative at CCI France International), Grand Témoin, brought out French Chambers of Commerce and Industries influential role in the world, in particular through promotion of French companies values.

Five lobbying issues

The five partners of the 2014 edition, the lobbying experts, members of the committee, and the students got back to the issues, subjects of the competition.

SYNABIO (Organic Companies National Union): Consequences of the European regulation revision concerning organic agriculture.

COFALEC (Confederation of European Union Yeast Producers): A strategy to influence the Members of the European Parliament.

FEHAP (Hospital and Personal Care non-profit Private Organisations Federation): Promoting non-profitable private institutions that don’t charge overrun fees.

SOLOCAL GROUP: Innovative actions to support lobbying issues and improve its resonance

UNICEF France: Bringing out childhood as a key topic of development aid.


During the award ceremony, partners and lobbying experts pointed out the high professionalism in the performed works and the ability, for some groups of students, to reconcile traditional methods (personal contacts, interviews) and lobbying modern methods (digital, indirect communication). As for people in charge of the competing masters’, they recognised the practical dimension of the competition, which gives the students a unique opportunity to be faced with the reality.

In this context, Christian Harbulot, Spin Partners’ President, explained how this competition, created 14 years ago, has entered its mature phase. It now focuses more on how to give a professional character to influence-oriented jobs rather then trying to justify them.

2014 Prize list

Regardless of the subject, all the students’ works have been ranked. The results were:

1st Prize: Sciences Po Grenoble – UNICEF
2nd Prize: Sciences Po Bordeaux – UNICEF
3rd Prize (TIE): Sciences Po Grenoble – SoLocal Group
3rd Prize (TIE): Ecole de Guerre Economique – FEHAP

Schools were also rewarded for their whole work completed:
1st Prize : Sciences Po Grenoble
2nd Prize: Ecole de Guerre Economique
3rd Prize: Sciences Po Bordeaux

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