« Sabordage » (« Scuttling »), Christian Harbulot’s book release

“Sabordage, comment la France détruit sa puissance” (Scuttling, How France destroys its power). Christian Harbulot, Spin Partners President’s new essay has just been published by Editions François Bourrin.

He documents what gradually undermines France’s political and economic position. He tells what is behind the scenes and logics of Nations, which have nothing to do with a child’s fantasy world. He denounces historical French elites ambiguity towards the United States. France has to rediscover its fighting spirit and needs to position itself in a combat stance to face the double game played by our American and German “friends”, the Chinese long march, and put an end to the European paralysis,… a whole unexpected shadow play.

No, globalization isn’t joyful nor favorable. Yes, France can be reinvented. But for that, this country has to come back down to earth and give up the economic delusions of a supposedly open market.